Santa Monica Sunset | Photo by Garrett James

It’s been 3 months now since I moved to the Golden State of California. Our first few steps back on the mainland were in lime-lit, Los Angeles. We were picked up by Ara and Garrett James of Lets Tokyo but I know them as Andrew (my beau’s) baby brother and life partner. Garrett and Ara moved to Los Angeles from New York on the New Year to launch their music careers and reform the band Lets Tokyo that includes 2 other band members, Scott Hunter and Stephen Baker. They’ve been working on some really great pop music produced by Garrett himself! They’re also fantastic songwriters making sure their music makes your Heart Speak 😉 . Tamara has a silky smooth voice that really adds depth and life to the music. She’s animated, quirky and has a killer smile that’ll lure you right in. Lets Tokyo is super pumped for their additional band members to join them in California from Spain and NYC this fall! Hurry up guys! 🙂

Post Production | L-R: Ara, me, Andrew, Garrett James

Andrew and I spent about two weeks hanging in Garrett and Ara’s studio apartment/music studio/gourmet kitchen/ayurvedic oasis/loveshack. Garrett and Ara were actually the last people Andrew and I saw before we left for Hawaii and were suitably the first to welcome us back. It was an absolute pleasure getting to invade their space and watch them work. We weren’t in LA for more than 24 hours when we were easily coerced into helping film their first video ‘Next‘. An island vibe track that’s super upbeat and fun despite it being about a break up! Filmed right in their studio apartment, Lets Tokyo made their presence known and we’re all very happy about it. It’s such a gift to watch two very much in love and talented souls share their passions with one another and the world. They’ve got that good-good ya’ll.


Don't Look Down
Exploring Topanga, CA | Photo by Garrett James

In between playing faux producer, in which my only responsibility was to play the music and mistakenly say “ready, set, action” before each clip instead of “lights, camera, action”, Garrett would whip up a delicious vegan meal for us all while Ara would conjure up some nettle or other herbal tea from plants they foraged in their neighborhood. Ara is a yogi-artist-dancer and it was such a treat to watch her sing, stretch, roll and move non-stop through out the days we spent together. Garrett was running full-steam editing the song, video and social media content. All in all we had a really great time, they’re amazing artists and you should check them out! Last but not least, they just dropped a fire hot track called Heart Speak. It does exactly that – it’s super danceable, sing-alongable and feel good vibes all around! The video also has some funky lighting that highlights Ara’s new do! CHECK IT OUT!

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7 thoughts on “I spent 2 weeks in LA with Lets Tokyo!

  1. THIS WAS AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for creating such a beautiful and engaging post about your visit! Was so nice to see the photos. Loved every bit. ❤ GJ

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