Living in Hawaii

There is an abundance of outdoor goodness in Hawaii. I currently live on the island of Oahu, known for the city of Honolulu, the tourist attraction called Waikiki and the epic surf waves of the North Shore. On this island you can experience the chaotic event that is Honolulu traffic and 30 minutes later you can be at the most serene removed shore. As a lover of all things health, nature, exercise and beach related I have thrived here in Hawaii. I have learned what makes me feel good, challenged and healthy on this tiny island. I’ll be sharing it all with you.


Rainbow People

I honestly have no idea the make-up and break-down of my ethnic bits and pieces but I do know the serious dark brown taino eyes of my grand-aunt matching her straight jet-black hair and smooth brown skin. I identify with my dad’s curly locks, big lips and swinging hips. I adore my mom's pale skin and exceptional spanglish skills.