As my time on the islands comes to an end I thought I’d reflect on all the lessons this journey has taught me.

1. Take Risks


Moving to Hawaii was abrupt, uncertain and a true challenge but it was 100% worth it. When I got the job in Kauai, we moved 2 weeks later from New York! We weren’t sure our apartment was legit or our roommate sane. It turned out to be perfect with 3 lanais and our roommate will forever be a lifelong friend! Love you Matt!

2. Take your shoes off before entering any home

3. Smile and wave at your neighbors

4. Swim and hike for exercise 


5. Realize when stress is no good


6. Know when to leave


7. Don’t give up


8. Go to concerts and meet your future aloha friends

9. Do all the things you’re afraid of


I was terrified to go scuba diving with Andrew. We went for his birthday last year and I’m so glad we did. Though I worried I’d drown – I did get to see the majestic Hawaiian monk seals. 

10. Swim with sea turtles


11. Go to the beach


12. Wear zinc sunscreen & reapply


13. Eat all the local food

14. Learn about Hawaiian culture from people who identify as Hawaiian/Polynesian 


15. Give and receive leis to express aloha, love, gratitude and a job well done. 


16. Share your home with friends even if that means they have to sleep in a tent


17. Let people into your heart


18. Be the aloha you want to see in the world 


I have been nervous about moving back to the mainland. About the attitudes and demeanor I grew up around. Hawaii has been such a calm and welcoming place. On my last day of work my coworkers reminded me that I am aloha and to share it with the world. I plan to do just that.

Aloha and mahalo!

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