So many questions!


At 24 years old I’ve found myself in San Diego with no friends, no job and no apartment -until the day before yesterday. I do have a home now that I am very excited about. It will be my first time buying real furniture and tackling the challenge of meshing Andrew’s style with mine. Before this apartment I lived in a fully furnished studio, minimally furnished decrepit house in Ithaca, furnished dingle, triple and garden dorm/apartment at Ithaca College and of course the fabulously furnished mom’s house. This will be the first time I get to express myself where I live and I have no idea who I am. I still have 3 weeks until we move-in to get my Pinterest board in order but the most pressing issue has been to couch or not to couch. I’m attracted to the idea of having some sexy comfy chairs, sitting cushions and a hammock in my living room. What do you think? Will my guest feel uncomfortable? Does that matter? I will be spending the next 365 days in that place shouldn’t it only matter how I feel?! I mean Andrew and I…haha. I have no idea.

While house decorating, domesticating and heavy googling is taking place I’m also at a crossroads – very Britney Spears *not a girl, not yet a woman* vibes. I’m exploring the telecommuting world which seems fascinating and hard for me to grasp. I’m debating whether I should stay in the public health/non-profit field because the work is important but am I really hanging on because I’m comfortable in poorly funded environments? Or should I just start my own business, completely change careers or just apply to grad school already?!?!?!?!?! AH! Long story short – I feel a bit lost which I know is okay but it’s scary! As you all know by now – I’m a planner and I have not been able to plan these last few months. Everything is incredibly new and exciting. I’m really trying to take this time off as an opportunity to relax, blog and explore all the possibilities.

What are ya’ll up to? Any one confronting some change? Any advice on how to handle it? Couch or no couch?! I really gotta know!! HELP ME! PLEASE!! Would you like me to share my SD adventures with you all?

I promise I’ll try my hardest to write more frequently. This blogging thing is harder than it looks!

Photo credit: Dave Nguyen @daveinacave

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P.S. I’m incredibly grateful and aware that my problems are not problems and life has been pretty good to me.

One thought on “As I try to rediscover myself all I’ve got are more questions

  1. Couch:Go to a cheap mattress store and buy a twin bed and basic metal frame. Use it as your couch and guest bed as needed.
    Work: you sell yourself short. Start thinking BIGGER! You can do ANYTHING.
    Chairs: get two super comfortable chairs and keep them. Try the Salvation Army or craigslist. I am so into the Danish chairs…with ottoman or as recliner. Dreamy!!!
    Do you have a kitchen?????????
    Love this photo!!! Stunner. So happy for you two. Great post. Keep writing!


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