I spent 2 weeks in LA with Lets Tokyo!

I was granted the fabulous pleasure of spending two weeks with band members Ara and Garrett James of pop band Lets Tokyo! Check it out!


I started a Youtube channel!

I hope you join me on this journey. I will continue to write and overshare. But I hope what I write/create in the future will inspire, entertain and bring positivity and self acceptance into your lives. 

Poems I wrote when I was 17

When I was 17 I was dramatic. I was in love, heartbroken and soon to graduate high school. I wrote "poems" that I posted on Facebook. Today I looked through them and discovered that I had written 71 poems in the year 2010 and was very fond of rhyming. Eek! The best part of looking … Continue reading Poems I wrote when I was 17


As I try to rediscover myself all I’ve got are more questions

It's been a while. Over the last few weeks we moved to San Diego, I turned 24 and now I'm trying to figure some stuff out.


18 lessons learned from 18 months in Hawaii

As my time on the islands comes to an end I thought I'd reflect on all the lessons this journey has taught me.


A planner seeks mental health

Hello, my name is Leslie Ortiz and I am a planner. I plan everything - my outfits, my meals, my day, my tasks, my hobbies, my downtime and my career. If I could plan more things I would. So maybe you can understand that moving has disrupted my "plans".


In times of transition remember to be grateful

Last week I quit my job. I knew this day would come. As excited as I am for my next move I found it extremely hard to inform the team I have been working with so diligently for the past year that I am moving on. The feeling I was experiencing was the dread associated with letting people down. I do not like to let people down. It's something I've always struggled with...