Last week I quit my job. I knew this day would come. As excited as I am for my next move I found it extremely hard to inform the team I have been working with so diligently for the past year that I am moving on. The feeling I was experiencing was the dread associated with letting people down. I do not like to let people down. It’s something I’ve always struggled with and at times have found myself to be too accommodating or stretching myself too thin as a result.

I’m starting to realize that I need to rethink my approach and wording for the task. The New York Times has a column that informs you how to be mindful about pretty much anything. Here’s my attempt at being mindful about quitting my job and coping with the emotions that follow (self affirmation style):

I am not letting people down by resigning from my job. I am moving on and opening up space for someone else to have this wonderful opportunity. I am well aware that the community and sense of belonging I found at this organization is rare and truly a treasure. I will channel this experience when I’m feeling lost with no direction. I am going to try super hard this month to make the transition as smooth as possible but also I will be trying not to feel guilty every time a task of mine gets shared with others.

This is what people do. We have experiences, we learn from them and then we move on to the next adventure (at least that’s what millennials do). I am so grateful that the times have changed and that I can have multiple jobs as a method of figuring out my purpose and passion. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here in Hawaii and look forward to what California has in store for me. Anyone in Southern California looking for a Public Health nerd? 🙂 

Times of transition happen to be my favorite even though my routine is completely destroyed (more on that soon). Cheers to everyone in transition (whatever kind). Sending you all happiness, patience and peace.

Does anyone else struggle with letting things/people/jobs/roles go?

What is your journey to passion-purpose-town like?

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