This past weekend I attended Wanderlust O’ahu (yoga festival) for 3 days. 3 days of non-stop yoga! It was just me, my yoga mat and I on an adventure to find my true north. My first class was an AcroYoga class where I learned AcroYoga basics and even got to be a base for the first time. We ended the class with lots of smiles, hugs and a giant aloha circle.


After class I got to practice some of my moves and enjoy the beautiful view. Here is the North Shore of O’ahu. I don’t come up here very often so it was an absolute treat. The waves are huge, sand soft and the water very very blue.


We camped right on the beach with all the other bliss seekers. It was such a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone was ready to share space, positive vibes and the camp fire.


On Friday night I discovered who Allen Stone was which apparently everyone else knew about already! His voice was surprisingly soulful and crystal clear. It was a groovy night.


I attended around 12 classes this weekend. Everything is sore but it was totally worth it. The energy at the festival was incredibly genuine, open and warm. I don’t think I’ve ever made so many mindful connections with so many beautiful strangers. My fellow wanderlusters were much needed and appreciated.


My experience at Wanderlust O’ahu will forever be treasured. I got to dig deep and connect with myself. During a meditation class I set an intention, to the universe with 50 people as my witness, to be more open to the universe and the path it has me on. I’ve always been more of a planner but I’ll be trying to be a little more open and just go with the flow.


“Retreat is found in the heart”. – Eoin Finn

Namaste. ❤

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Grooving to: Is This Love (cover) by Allen Stone

Check out Wanderlust O’ahu 2017:


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