A few weeks ago I watched the first two episodes of Black Mirror (Netflix OG). Naturally, mid-second episode I deleted all of the social media apps on my phone in disgust. I reacted the way any normal person would after they watch a super vegan leaning movie. Then I hugged my partner as he reminded me it wasn’t real and I cried. I absolutely do not want to live a caged-tech addicted slave to the world- life and it reminded me of how close we sometimes are to that world.

For the New Year I have imposed and invited many ch-ch-changes. I absolutely love change. I have no problem with abandoning my old routine and taking on a new, challenging one. Is that just me? I think so. Including limiting my social media interactions, I’ve also decided to decline my consumption of meat and cheese – adopting a plant based diet (how Beyonce would call it because she doesn’t believe in labels and neither do I, HA!). A smart move I made was to start this change in the beginning of December so January – new me, new year – 1st would not feel so daunting. I miss cheese on bread and pizza the most which I’ve had vegan and was surprisingly super good! Go Amy’s! I have no recommendations at this time except that I would not be able to quit animal corpses and byproducts without my darling partners’ support and adamant reluctance towards being dogmatic. We are humans, humans make mistakes or conscious choices to eat the bread and cheese at the holiday party but since our goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables not scold ourselves for indulging once or twice in a while then I think we’re doing pretty damn good. (HELLO RUN ON SENTENCE!) I have lost 5 lbs in the last 8 weeks and I ain’t mad at it.

In addition to those 2 “new year, new me” goals I’ve included:

  • More yoga
  • More books
  • Less Netflix
  • More time reading on the hammock looking at Diamond Head Crater
  • Only using products that go on my face that do no contain harmful and carcinogenic chemicals (BECAUSE IT’S MY FACE!)
  • Wearing sunscreen everyday (BECAUSE CANCER AND LOOKING WRINKLY TOO SOON)
  • Not getting emotionally stressed out by our new President (tips please?!)
  • Meditate
  • Study for the GREs
  • Apply for Grad school
  • What is minimalism? Can I do it?
  • Call mom more

New year resolutions or goals do not need to start on the first or end on the 31st of January because you forgot you made it. You can jump right back in mid-May because you can make goals for yourself whenever you want and they also don’t need a deadline! Just keep working on yourself because you love yourself right? I hope you do. If not that’s goal #1 and super hard! So good luck!

What changes have you made for the New Year?

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Articles that motivated me to make all the changes:

Hooked on Our Smartphones

An Inspiring Story of Weight Loss and It’s Aftermath


One thought on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. That’s how I felt when i watched it too lol. I binged watched the new season like 2 months ago and was traumatized. There’s this app called moment that’ll tell you how many hours a day you’re on your phone lol.Here’s to kicking ass in the new year!!


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