GIANT PICTURE! Of my new favorite shirt. 🙂

The last couple weeks since the election I’ve been healing. Processing my emotions, evaluating my options and figuring out how to be positively progressive about the whole situation. It has been hard to say the least. I’ve had many stunted conversations filled with despair and rage evoked by the very topic. I think I’m finally over being pissed but that does not mean I’ve lost my care. I care more than I ever have about this country – that I’ve never personally cared for – BUT I do believe in the people here and the idea of this experiment we’ve got going. I’m really trying to figure out my place starting with some goal setting (GRE studying, grad school applying, country hopping) and all sorts of healing. I chopped off all my hair how you would after a bad break up. I got new specs and a new tattoo within the month – all planned before the loss but very much needed. I feel all these things make me feel whole and cosmopolitan again. I miss living in a big bad city, wearing fashionably dreary clothes and being pouty just because.

Hawaii is the home of apathy. The distance to the mainland has left everyone feeling very disconnected and sun-drunk despite the fact that it has been raining for the last 2 weeks straight (extremely odd). In this way I do not feel connected with the island. Sometimes I feel the “spirit of aloha” can be silencing. It leaves some with a “not worth my time”, “this does not bring me joy” approach to life which I’m usually all about but not when it comes to the safety of the people I hold close to my heart. However, I will channel aloha to help me manage the bigots, homophobes and white supremacists I do come across in time.

Over this mini processing break I’ve realized I absolutely love how different I am compared to my white counter part. I love their difference from me as well. I don’t think people need to have anything in common to find a common ground. I believe we need to be open, ready and willing to listen and digest each other’s life perspective and experience. Once you understand something about someone they become fully human to you and that’s beautiful. I want more of that, more diversity that’s willing to interact with me and be gentle about it all.

How are y’all doing? Still want to cry after listening to NPR all morning? Me too. There is no rush. Take your time then get to work. Like Kendrick Llamr said ..”we gon’ be alright”.

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P.S. I purchased the shirt in my snapchat selfie because I used consumerism to heal my wounds (I know, I know! Blah!) but it brings me much joy, some of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and I love the looks I get from other feminist in the world. Keep on giving me those approving eyes please! #thefutureisfemale


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