1. Grammar

I have a confession to make. I don’t remember any of the grammar rules I learned in school. It’s embarrassing, it stresses me out and apparently when your grammar is bad your ex will DM (direct message) you on Facebook to correct it. I have mild but active dyslexia. I spell words wrong. I pronounce words funny. Fear is not an excuse I endorse. I am currently reading The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White to ensure the grammar goons don’t come after me.

I grew up in a predominately black and latinx low-income neighborhood. What does that mean? Not much, until I went away to college and was informed I was not educated correctly or at least to the elite standard that I should have been. My parents did not use SAT words at home. It’s not their fault when I open my mouth or write a post (I think) you can tell where I’m from. My words are littered with slang, phrases and obscenities only East Harlem can teach you. Personally these characteristics in my speech make me feel rich and full of culture. It is a reminder of where I am from and the people I want to serve. When I’m mocked or forced to assimilate to the status quo it can be frustrating and even humiliating. Despite those sentiments, I’ve made it this far with the help of spell check, kind friends and caring professors. I hope I am always politely corrected so that I can express myself better and learn not to fear the grammar goons.

2. Strangers

Expressing personal stories to strangers is terrifying. Will what I say resonate with them? Will they get when I’m trying to be serious or funny? Will  they google what I reference or click the links I’ve immersed in my text to help explain my position? It is also fear that comes between myself and writing to strangers. Luckily, I have a wonderful support system whom inform me that what I have to say matters, even if I’m writing just for them, I do it with pleasure. I have touched other souls out there living completely different lives than I and we get each other. That is the true blessing behind this sharing business. IRL, approaching and talking to strangers comes incredibly easy to me. I’ll be the first person to offer to take your picture after watching you balance your phone, fishing pole and boyfriend’s large head in the frame. I’ll ask for directions with little hesitation in a neighborhood I should already know by now and compliment your perfume at the same time (it was “Opium the perfume NOT the drug” she said). I’m trying to transition that person into my online presence. It’s a challenge but one I look forward to making the most authentic it can be.

3. Time

Creating content takes time. It’s a commitment to yourself and your audience. Sometimes I put off writing because I am overflowing with thoughts I can’t seem to make fit a mold. Other times I don’t think I have anything to say. Most of the time I’m tired. I know, I’m much too young to be tired. I do have a full-time job btw that I care about and am good at. But this here is a passion of mine and so I’ve made myself accountable to writing for you and myself by assigning due dates. I plan to post every Tuesday and Thursday as long as I am well and able. And of course, I will wait until right before the day is up to publish #procrastinator4life.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I want you to start your blog, podcast, book, album, masterpiece that I know has been cooking up inside of you but you have let roast another day, week or year for whatever reason. Make the time. SERVE IT UP! It’s really just for you and who knows? Maybe it will be just what you needed.

3 Tips for Starting Your Thing

  1. Set a deadline for when you will start and/or finish your project.
  2. Hold yourself accountable by making it public. Tell your mom or someone who believes in you. Let them know that their role is to remind you that they’re waiting and super excited to experience it.
  3. Make time. Instead of watching OITNB (Orange is the new black – c’mon people) all night every night give yourself those 52 minutes once a week to focus on your passion project and recover from the emotional rollercoaster that is Orange.

Please please please share your #passionprojects with me.

Comment below, follow, like, share.



Someone I know working on his #passionproject: Fantasy by Garrett James


4 thoughts on “3 Reasons I didn’t start writing until now

  1. My grammar was horrible growing up, and after posting my work online, I learned strangers don’t like my work. However, writing is a part of me. No matter how many times I try to leave it, it keeps blocking the door.


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